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  • Available in 19 Colors – C, M, Y, K, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Super Cyan, Super Magenta, Super Yellow, Super Black, Gray, Light Gray, Orange, Blue, Neon Red, Neon Yellow, Neon Cyan, Green and Violet 
  • 30 to 40% greater color gamut than traditional dye sublimation inks 
  • Patented heat activated tack ink technology   
  • Eliminates ghosting and enhances tackiness of paper and some polyester surfaces 
  • Ultra crisp, vibrant, detailed transfer images 
  • Excellent run ability with no-clog formula 
  • Extensively tested in newest generation Epson heads
  • Packaged in 1 liter degassed foil InkPacks

NeoTack Dye Sublimation Ink



NeoTack Patented Heat Activated Tack Technology Dye Sub Ink – Traditional and Neon Ink
NeoTack Ink redefines dye sublimation standards with its Patented Heat Activated Tack Technology and neon capabilities. NeoTack Ink offers superior CMYK with Neon colors alongside the patented tack technology developed to enhance the tacky nature of dye sublimation transfer paper.

NeoTack 19 Outrageous Colors
• C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, Super Cyan, Super Magenta, Super Yellow, Super Black, Gray, Light Gray, Orange, Blue, Neon Red, Neon Yellow, Neon Cyan, Green and Violet.
• NeoTack has a color gamut 30 to 40% greater than standard dye sublimation ink.
• Expanded color gamut is available in neon or traditional colors in any combination or 4, 6, 8 or 12 color sets. 

Enhanced 4-Color and Tack
Give your 4-color printer a pop! NeoTack even enhances 4-color printers by using traditional NeoTack Cyan and Magenta with Neon Yellow and Super Black. Additionally, other neon colors can be substituted for the traditional colors from our NeoTack ink set. NeoTack patented dye sub ink uses chemically inert nano-agents which are heat activated when using standard heat presses, calendars, fixation or other heat units. Once heat is applied, chemical bonding occurs and NeoTack ink provides tack to fabric and papers. When used with tacky dye sub media, ghosting and image shifting problems will be eliminated.

Crisp Images
NeoTack offers the SuperTack effect – utilizing the enhanced tack of the ink with the tacky dye sub paper creates ultra crisp imaging even with the finest details. 

No-Clog with EPSON Printheads
NeoTack has been tested for an extended period, and has completed internal certification for use with even the most advanced EPSON printheads. Extensive long term testing ensures the runability and no clog formulation of the ink. 

Dual Purpose and Versatile Ink
NeoTack was developed for both dye sublimation and direct-to-fabric imaging making this ink very versatile. 

Light Fastness 
NeoTack received very good to outstanding light fastness results for seven different classes of tests using the Blue Wool Standards (EN ISO). 

Ideal Applications
Perfect for producing a wide range of saturated CMYK and neon dye sublimation transfers to polyester-based apparel, promotional items and many other unique promotional item applications.

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